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Project Beneficiary 3- MPHAT “SOUTHWEST HOSPITAL”


WP 1 Project Management & Coordination

Deliverable 1.3.1 Preparation Activities
Deliverable 1.3.2 Project Management
Deliverable 1.3.3 Project Meetings

WP 2 Communication & Dissemination

Deliverable 2.3.1 Dissemination Events
Deliverable 2.3.2 Dissemination Material
Deliverable 2.3.3 Raising Awareness Actions

WP 3 Title Establishment of a common strategy & road map for the establishment of the mobile health units

Deliverable 3.3.1 Workshops
Deliverable 3.3.2 Contribution to Operation Plan: See PDF
Deliverable 3.3.3 Contribution to Business Plan: See PDF, See PDF

WP 4 Title Procurement of equipment

Deliverable 4.3.1 Supply of vehicle: See PDF
Deliverable 4.3.2 Supply of medical equipment: See PDF
Deliverable 4.3.3 Supply of IT infrastructure: See PDF

WP 5 Title Pilot operation & training for the services to be provided by the mobile health units

Deliverable 5.3.1 Mobile Unit: See PDF
Deliverable 5.3.2 Seminars
Deliverable 5.3.3 Pilot operation

WP 6 Title Evaluation and future planning for the services of the mobile health units

Deliverable 6.3.1 Contribution to Evaluation
Deliverable 6.3.2 Feasibility Study
Deliverable 6.3.3 MoU